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The President of the Parliament’s Response to WRC Open Letter

Regarding the key role of the Parliament of Montenegro in the processes that should ensure better position of women in Montenegro through gender-sensitive realization of its representative, legislative and supervisory role, “Women’s Rights Center” sent an open letter to Mr. Aleksa Bečić, the President of the Parliament of Montenegro.

In his answer to this letter, the President stated that the Parliament will be the driving force of necessary changes and that he personally will strive to address the needs of all groups and all citizens of Montenegro, in the atmosphere of dialogue and constructive exchange of arguments. The President appreciated our inputs, stating the following: “It is our parliamentary duty to understand the needs and to further engage in improving the position of women, on increasing their visibility and representation in public institutions and in social life in general. I am convinced that the 27th convocation of the Parliament of Montenegro, within its jurisdiction and in cooperation with organizations like “Women’s Rights Center”, will make maximal efforts in this direction. I am looking forward to our cooperation and I thank you for your initiative”.

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