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Smashing Patriarchy Day

NGO Women’s Rights Center organizes the “Smashing Patriarchy Day” in the courtyard of  the organization (Bokeška 20) on Friday, October 25, 2019, starting at 5 pm.

The event is intended to be an Open Day for the Women’s Rights Center, where visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the work of the organization, the types of support we provide and free services available to citizens, victims of gender-based discrimination and violence, as well as to view the exhibition of works created at the “Short Course of Cutting Patriarchy”. The music part of the program will be taken care of by Petar čurić and Alen Jaredić.


The “Short Course of Cutting Patriarchy” was held from October 4-9 and included an introductory theoretical lecture on engaged art based on examples of Dadaism and Bauhaus artwork, as well as features of socially responsible design and hands-on creative workshops where attendees made collages covering topics in the field of feminism. The workshops were led by Tanja Markuš, painter and Milica Šaranović, designer.


The event was organized within the project “Women’s Activist Hub – Empowering Civic Activism of Youth”, implemented with the support of the Fund for Active Citizenship, through the program “For a Stronger Voice of Civil Society Organizations”, and with the financial support of the US Embassy in Podgorica.

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