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Seminar Support to services offering help to damaged and witnesses psychological first aid and referral

NGO Women’s Rights Center in cooperation with the Supreme Court of Montenegro and in partnership with NGO ASTRA from Belgrade, implemented the project “Strengthening the capacities of services which offer support to victims in judiciary”, with the aim of training and supporting the services in order to provide quality support to victims of family violence, human trafficking and criminal acts against sexual freedoms.

Project was implemented with financial support of the Embassy of Netherlands in Serbia.

At this seminar, people in charge for support from Montenegrin courts had the opportunity to expand their knowledge and in a practical way exercise the skills necessary to work with victims and witnesses of family violence, human trafficking and criminal acts of sexual freedoms. They exchanged their experiences and got familiar with the organizations which provide long term support to victims of these criminal acts. They also had the opportunity to know more about the skills necessary in order to prevent the “burn out” in performing this complex duty.

The lecturers were: Biljana Slavković, psychodrama therapist and associate of the NGO ASTRA, Ana Jaredić, WRC’s psychologist, Sonja Perišić Bigović, Office for fight against human trafficking, Jovana Krotić NGO ASTRA and Žarko Ivanović, psychologist.

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