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March 8th 2022: Attention! Femicide!

In memory of the women who lost their lives due to partner violence, the March 8th – International Women’s Day march is dedicated to the fight against femicide. We warn of the most extreme form of violence against women: gender-motivated killing of women. We are talking about killing women, just because they are women!

The state has demonstrated inability to protect the lives of women who reported violence, and some of them were living evidence, with their broken jaws, swollen faces, torn hair.

We appeal to the MPs to help us shed light on the crimes that go beyond the family home and move to institutions that have remained silent, passive, helpless.

This march is a warning to the state that its obligation is to protect the lives of its citizens, especially when they report threats to their lives, as well as to thoroughly examine, investigate and determine the responsibility of the institutions who failed toprotect them. It is the obligation of all of us not to allow any more violent deaths.

We are grateful to everyone who supported the protest! We owe special gratitude to the participants of the drumming workshops “Beat of the Protest”, which we realized with the help of members of the Association “Spektra” . We thank the NGO “Juventas” for providing us with the space for workshops.We are very grateful to the Kvinna Till Kvinna Foundation and the British Embassy in Montenegro for their financial support.

The visual identity of the march was created by the artist Tanja Markuš.

Video: Nikola Brajović

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