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March 8 2021: All for One and One for All!

This year, due to the pandemic, Women’s Rights Center postponed all public gatherings, including the traditional March 8 , the International Women’s Day March. Therefore  we are organizing a Digital March on social networks, under the slogan ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL!

These days, our public space is being poisoned with hate speech against women. The types, extent and consequences of public violence suffered by women and men are not the same: women experience it disproportionately more and with much more severe consequences, especially because it aims at their private life and morals, which are of great importance for social and professional reputation in traditional environments like ours.  In addition, this type of violence often includes sexual harassment, insults of a sexual nature and sexism usually not directed against men in public life of our country.

We are also witnessing increasingly pronounced religious and national divisions, which in the not-so-distant past have led to tragic consequences and suffering that must not be repeated.

We live in a time of crisis caused by a pandemic that has deepened gender inequality and poverty.

That is why we call for solidarity!

The Digital March is a clearly designed campaign, created by the painter and women’s rights activist Tanja Markuš. It consists of 11 visuals with messages related to the most important topics that women in Montenegro face today. The online campaign begins on March 1, at 12 o’clock, and ends on March 11 and it will be circulated on all social networking platforms. Each day is dedicated to one of the current topics related to women’s rights, and you can share our messages with the FB and Instagram profiles of the ” Women’s Rights Center “:

.May our common struggle for equality, empowerment and respect for women be a vaccine against religious and national divisions, against hate speech in public, but also support for all those who face violence of any kind, who are dealing with  inequality and the burden of marginalization and poverty.

Join us in celebrating International Women’s Day by sharing messages with the hashtag #AllForOneOneFor #March, as well as comments and stories that send messages of solidarity.

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