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“Improving Safety of Women”

“Women’s Rights Center” is one of the partners in the “Improving Safety of Women” project, which is implemented by UN Women Serbia with the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade. The goal of the project is to provide support to the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro in promoting the electronic monitoring system (EMS), which will serve to assist in the execution of restraining orders, with the aim of improving the protection of victims of violence.

Ilustracija: Milena Blagojević

Project activities include the provision of information sessions for women victims of violence related to the imposition of a restraining order, especially through EMS; monitoring the implementation of EMS; as well as the implementation of a campaign through which protection measures for victims of gender-based violence will be promoted. In this way, victims of violence, perpetrators of violence and representatives of the judiciary will be familiar with the method of application of the electronic monitoring system.

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