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Fighting labor discrimination

Fighting discrimination in the workplace and gender based discrimination is a current topic in Montenegro. Today, more than ever, under the pressuring conditions of the Covid19 pandemic, we are witnessing a harmed health system  in the county, with serious challenges for the economy.

Due to gender discrimination, women in Montenegro are going through a disproportionately larger amount of challenges, having more weight on their shoulders, amplified by the current national measures taken in fighting the pandemic.  During the pandemic, women have been loosing jobs and job opportunities contentiously  and the family obligations increased at the same time.

Therefore, on Monday the 01st of February, in attempt  to highlight the persistent problem of gender inequality in the workplace and the problems of economic conditions for women, as part of the project “Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to combat discrimination and improve employment”  funded by the European Union and implemented by the Women’s Rights Center in cooperation with Kosovo Women’s Network , we donated high-quality, reusable and washable face masks. Using reusable and washable face masks is preventing the re-purchase of the same product. We donated the face masks to civil rights organisations, entrepreneurs and the media such as: LGBT Forum Progres, Association for Democratic Prosperity-Zid, Center for democracy and human rights- CEDEM, Center for protection and research of birds, Co-working space NEST i Portal Vijesti. The masks will be directly distributed to users who are most affected by the current pandemic.

One of our goals, through this activity, is to facilitate the burdens that our citizens bear during this period and to stress the importance of labour rights and the fight against gender discrimination in the workplace. In addition, through this action, we would like to contribute to health protection in the workplace which is prescribed by Montenegrin law.

We are very thankful to everyone for the support and participation in this action!

#DiscriminationDoesntWork #LabourRights

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