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#Unwanted: Revealed plate dedicated to girls who never got the chance to be born

It is necessary to overcome the negative patriarchal values in Montenegro which, because of the tradition of male heirs, lead to selective abortions and girls are being put in the negative position.

At the event organized in the University park, executive director of Women’s Rights Center, Maja Raičević revealed a plate dedicated to all the girls who never got the chance to be born.

“The topic of our campaign and our initiative is to start a social dialogue which will overcome the system of values in which female children do not exercise the same rights as male children. That problem reflects on the position of women in all areas of society and the consequences are so drastic that we have an increase of number of selective abortions in Montenegro and the misuse of prenatal tests”

Campaign includes signing of the petition which will be sent to the government of Montenegro and it refers to the request to solve the problem of prenatal sex selection in Montenegro.

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