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Support for Women and Children who Suffer Violence during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Project duration: May – June 2020

The aim of the project is to provide assistance to women who experience violence and who are isolated in their households with abusive partners or other family members, with reduced opportunities to report violence and seek help and protection, due to movement restrictions and the COVID19 pandemic self-isolation measures.

This situation has also raised questions about the protection of their personal data through online forms of counseling. Therefore, this project tries to solve the following problems: Organizational challenges and lack of capacity faced by NGOs dealing with women’s rights and increasing violence and obstacles in women’s access to justice and counseling arising from the COVID19 crisis.

 Project objectives include:

1. Improving online support services for women survivors of violence;

 2. Providing support to women who are victims of partner / domestic violence in seeking protection from relevant institutions and organizations;

3. Women in need of financial assistance have assisted in exercising and protecting their rights.

Direct users:

1. Women who experienced violence and their children;

2. WRC staff and advisors.

Indirect users:

1. Representatives of Montenegrin institutions relevant in solving cases of gender-based violence led by WRC;

2. All potential victims of gender-based violence.


1. Improved online support services for women survivors of violence.

2. Mediation in obtaining protection and assistance from relevant institutions and organizations for women survivors of partner violence / domestic violence.

3. Providing financial assistance to women for the purpose of exercising and protecting their rights.

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