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Information for clients


Initial counseling

The goal of the initial counseling is to help you recognize an abusive situation and get out of it in the safest way possible. Our consultants will provide you with information about the types of assistance that are available, as well as support and mediation in contact with the institutions involved in the protection of victims of domestic violence.

Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling is run by two psychologists with many years of training in the field of psychotherapy, the direction of Transactional Analysis. They can help you achieve faster and better psychological recovery, reinforce your positive traits and to re-gain control of your life.

Legal counseling

Services of our lawyers include providing information on all legal possibilities for protection from violence, representation, writing petitions, appeals and other applications for cases and other related procedures. Help is available to women and children who are victims of domestic violence who do not meet the criteria for free legal aid.

Support trough the work of a confidential person

Law on Protection from Domestic Violence, which was adopted in 2010, gives the opportunity to victims of domestic violence to address the institutions of the system, accompanied by a trusted person. Besides consultant from the Women’s Rights Center, confidential person may be a family member, friend or any other person willing to help. It can provide emotional support; help you keep track of your case, go with you to court hearings and other procedures related to domestic violence.

The basic principles that govern consultants / activists:

  • experiences shared during consultations are confidential
  • we believe the experiences women survivors of violence share with us;
  • woman is not responsible for the violence she experienced;
  • abuser is the one who is responsible for the violence;
  • women decide on the initiation of all initiatives related to her case;

Interview can be scheduled by phone line: 020 664 193 or e-mail address: The consultation stake place in our office in Bokeska 20, Podgorica, every day from 11 to 14 hours.

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