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Individual and Institutional Accountability in the Nerda case must be Established

On February 4, 2022, the Operational team for the fight against domestic violence and violence against women held an extramural session on the occasion of the murder of Zimrita Nerda from Bar, who died from consequences of domestic abuse committed by her husband Dalibor Nikolić.

The shortcomings in the work of competent institutions and individuals were discussed, with the aim of initiating procedures to determine their responsibility in this case, as well as the adoption of guidelines for eliminating negative practices.

Analyzing in detail the actions of the Center for Social Work in Bar, the Security Center Bar, the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office in Bar and the Misdemeanor Court in Budva-Department in Bar, and their cooperation, the Operational Team, based on available documentation, identified negligent, incomplete and inadequate handling of Nerda case. Considering the gravity of the abuse to which Zumrita Nerda was exposed, the fact that her minor children were continuously present during abuse, as well as the information that she reported the violence seeking protection for herself and children, the Operational Team will address the Prosecutorial Council, the High Misdemeanor Court and the Ministry of finance and social welfare with a request to establish individual and institutional responsibility in this case, in order to ensure consistent application of statutory standards and procedures for the protection of victims and the sanctioning of perpetrators.

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