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Discrimination Doesn’t Work!

As we are all witnessing these days, the COVID-19 virus pandemic has significantly damaged the health situation in Montenegro, its health care system, but also put the overall economic activity to a severe test.

Gender inequality in our society has made the female part of the population suffer most of the burden of implementing measures to combat the pandemic, as shown by the latest research. Women lost more jobs during this period, but at the same time their family obligations increased.

In attempt  to alleviate at least a little the burden that women bear during this period and at the same time draw attention to the problem of gender inequality when it comes to economic  activity, as part of the project “Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to combat discrimination and improve employment”  funded by the European Union and implemented by Women’s Rights Center & in cooperation with Kosovo Women’s Network , we donated to our partners – The Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro and the Center for Roma Initiatives high-quality, reusable and washable face masks to avoid the re-purchase of the same product.

This contingent of masks will be distributed directly by our partners to the users who are most affected by the current situation, while we will distribute a part to the citizens through public checkpoints, about which the announcement will follow soon.

In addition to conducting regular activities aimed at improving the mechanisms of protection of human and economic rights of women in Montenegro through the institutions of the system, in this way we want to relieve the already overburdened budgets of citizens and at the same time contribute to occupational health and safety., which is prescribed by Montenegrin  law, but also raise the level of general awareness of this problem.

We are grateful to everyone who helps us with this action!

#DiscriminationDoesntWork #LaborRights

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