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Denying antifascism is denying human rights

Victory Day over Fascism and Europe Day are celebrated every year throughout Europe and around the world on the day Nazi Germany signed its capitulation in World War II.

Antifascism is a universal value for which our ancestors and ancestors laid down their lives and which must be protected from all denial, historical falsification and abuse. Whoever is against anti-fascism stands for the criminal policies of racism and anti-Semitism, which are at their core opposed to human rights.

Therefore, we expect that the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports in the Government of Montenegro, Vesna Bratić, will explain the allegations of the director of the elementary school “Lovćenski odred” in Cetinje, Veljko Đukanović, that her office required him to initiate disciplinary proceedings against a history teacher from that school, Sanja Vujović, due to the alleged abuse of children for political purposes, only because, with the prior consent of her parents, she took her 9th grade students to mark the Day of Victory over Fascism.

Victory Day over fascism is traditionally marked throughout Montenegro by laying wreaths at memorials to fallen fighters, in which, in addition to several associations of NOB fighters, the Parliament of Montenegro also participates.

We also remind you that the day of the uprising against fascism is a national holiday in Montenegro – Statehood Day, July 13, when the uprising against fascism and the recognition of the statehood of the Principality of Montenegro at the Berlin Congress are equally celebrated.

Maja Raičević
NGO Women’s Rights Center

Tea Gorjanc Prelevic
NGO Human Rights Action

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