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Cases of discrimination against women in work

WRC supported the realization of the “Trade Union of Media” project “Equality through justice: Cases of discrimination against women in work” as a part of the regional action “Equality through justice: Cases of discrimination against women in relation to work”, which is being implemented within the grant of the Center for Women’s Rights and Action “Advancing Women’s Rights”, implemented by the Kosovo Women’s Network, with financial support from the European Union and Swedish International Development Cooperation.

Trade Union of Media of Montenegro has recently introduced a free legal aid service for cases of gender discrimination at work.

Beneficiaries of the service can be any women who feel that they have been exposed to gender discrimination in their working environment or in employment, and our legal experts will advise them on how to proceed. All reported cases will be provided with free legal aid, which will be reflected in familiarization with institutional and non-institutional protection mechanisms, possible assistance in filing submissions to competent entities, monitoring of initiated proceedings, and addressing competent institutions when deemed necessary.

All cases with a court epilogue will be monitored by the Trade Union observer.

Women who think they have been discriminated on the basis of gender at work or in employment can contact us on the phone: 020 878 021 working days from 8am to 4pm or by email:

At the following link you can read the interview with Andrijana Luburić, a service beneficiary:

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