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Opening of the program “In Focus” in cooperation with UnderhillFest

On 6th of June, Women’s Rights Center in cooperation with UnderhillFest opened the program “In Focus” at the National library “Radosav Ljumović”. Film Sonita by an Iranian director Rokhsareh GhaemMaghami was screened the first night. After the film, first panel discussion was organized on the topic of Human trafficking in Montenegro. Panel participants were Behija Ramović, member of Roma network “Prva” and Aida Petrović, NGO Montenegrin Women’s Lobby – shelter for victims of human trafficking.

Second night of the program “In Focus” film Vita Aktiva: Spirit of Hannah Arendt by a famous Israeli director Ada Ushpiz was screened. The film follows the life story of Hannah Arendt, one of the most significant philosophers and ideologists of 20th century. Second panel discussion was organized after the film on the topic of Spirit of Hannah Arendt in Montenegro. Panel participants were Maja Raičević, Women’s Rights Center and Paula Petričević, Anima Kotor.

On the closing night, we screened the film “Line of Life” by a young director Katarina Bulajić. The film is about an ex female political prisoner of Goli otok. After the film there was an interview with the director, led by Nataša Nelević, NGO Nova.

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