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First women’s march “Social justice – we won’t give up”

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, 8th March 2016, Women’s Rights Center in cooperation with NGO Anima from Kotor organized the first women’s march and conference of women, under slogan “Social justice – we won’t give up”. Many organizations have publicly supported the March, such as NGO Human Rights Action, and Council for the civic control of police work.

March was covered by all local and couple of international media. Executive director of Women’s Rights Center, Maja Raičević gave a statement for television Vijesti, that this year’s march is dedicated to labor rights, because there are women in Montenegro who work over 14 hours a day, without compensation or free day.

Dozens of women gathered on the March carrying banners “Social justice – we won’t give up”, “Feminism is my choice”, “Feminism = antifascism”, “I demand breaks and vacations on a daily, monthly and annual basis”, “Feminism – passionate politics”, “I want salary, not installments and interest”.

After the March, we organized a conference of women where Paula Patričević, activist of NGO Anima, gave a speech on the topic “Relation between feminist policies of resistance and women’s rights”.

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