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NGO ‘Women’s Rights Center’ (WRC), based in Podgorica, was founded on the 3rd of May 2012. It was established on the basis of the founders’ long-term experience in providing support to women victims of domestic violence and other violations of women’s human rights.

The basic objectives of the establishment and functioning of the Organization are:

• Promotion of women’s human rights and gender equality;

• Empowering women survivors of family violence / partner violence trough counselling, psychological and legal support;

• Connecting with other organizations / institutions dealing with protection and promotion of women’s human rights.

Goals of the Organization are implemented through three programs:

1. Advocacy and monitoring implementation of policies in the field of gender equality and women’s human rights;

2. Support services for victims of family violence:

– Initial counselling and support of the women’s advocates;

– Representation before institutions and free legal support;

– Psychological counselling.

3. Culture Program

Promotion of women’s creativity, cultural and educational programs and economic empowerment of our clients through participation in creative workshops.