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Encouragement for victims of family violence

icon 20.11.2017

State prosecution held a meeting today with representatives of NGOs Women’s Rights Center, Women’s Safe House and SOS Hotline Nikšić.

On behalf of State prosecution the meeting was attended by the state prosecutor from the Supreme state prosecution Đurđina Nina Ivanović and coordinators of High and Basic state prosecution in Podgorica, Vesna Jovićević and Ljiljana Klikovac.

With the aim to encourage women victims of violence to report family violence, it was agreed to intensify the communication in the following period in order to exchange necessary information in an effective and more simple manner. Having said that, they agreed on direct communication through determining a contact person who will cooperate with representatives of NGOs.

It was stated at the meeting that more efficient coomunication of state authorities was also necessary, in order to timely process cases of family violence and prevent unwanted consequences.