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Ministry of Internal Affairs-PD forming a Team to combat family violence

icon 04.12.2017

After a recent protest of NGOs for the homicide of Durija Pojatić victim of family violence, and requests sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Police Department, a meeting of women NGOs was organized with representatives of these institutions. Minister of internal affairs Mevludin Nuhodžić, police director Slavko Stojanović and director’s assistant for the Criminal police Enis Baković met with representatives of NGOs who are dealing with family violence, Maja Raičević Women’s Rights Center and Nataša Međedović SOS Hotline Nikšić.

The aim of the meeting was to determine the modalities for the prospect of cooperation, as well as to review the methods of work in cases of reporting family violence.

In this regard, Minister Nuhodžić announced that in the forthcoming period an Operational team will be formed which, in addition to the police officers, will include representatives of the civil sector and other competent institutions. Through consideration of current practice and analysis of specific cases, the team will work on determining further guidelines for the improvement of work and results in the field of prevention and combating family violence.

They agreed that in order to better and more effectively prevent and protect against family violence, stronger cooperation and coordination is necessary between competent institutions - centers for social work, police, prosecutors' offices and courts, as well as more fundamental record keeping and linking of data.